Rachel Jeffery

Cornish based, abstract artist Rachel Jeffery takes her inspiration from landscape and geological formations. She has a special interest in natural forces, in particular light, and their interaction with the land and stimulation of our senses.

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Jeffery graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 1997 and was offered an exhibition almost immediately by a well-known Cornish gallery. However, she put her burgeoning career on hold to care for and home school her eldest son Jorge, who is autistic. Jeffery describes this period of time as challenging but also deeply rewarding as she learned the value of now and how to release the illusion of control. It also taught her the importance of experimentation and play, both of which she has brought into her practice.

In 2017 she returned to her practice full time, searching for not only new ways in which to communicate her celebration of life, colour and pattern, but also her search for a new medium that excited her creative enquiry. She quickly left her oil paints and brushes behind in favour of the viscous and reflective qualities of resin coloured with raw pigment.

Jeffery has a very short window with which to manipulate the flow and movement of the resin and so her canvases require careful fore-planning. She plays to the strengths and weaknesses of the different densities and vibrational energies of the colours held within the resin; one pigment poured into another behaves completely differently from being poured into a different colour. Jeffery experiments continuously with pouring, dragging, cutting, teasing and flowing her medium to create the exuberant celebrations of vivid colour and form that her canvases are.

Jeffery lives and works in Cornwall.


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