Ian Edwards

Edwards’ practice expresses the power and determination of human endeavour. He draws inspiration from natural forces, with his powerful masculine figures often bearing the surface texture of time enduring landscapes. Edwards uses this external inspiration to explore very internal themes of fortitude and self-discovery born out of his own struggle with severe dyslexia.

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Edwards’ sensitive hand as a sculptor incorporates classical ideas about the sculpting process. In both Self Made Man and Creation of Self, a figure carves himself out of a mass of rock, reminiscent of Michelangelo’s idea of seeing a form within a piece of marble and ’setting him free’. This is deeply metaphorical, reflecting timeless themes of purity, effort and self-belief. Poetic concepts such as these run throughout Edwards’ practice, with each piece subtly informed through mythological storytelling, creation beliefs and philosophical thinking.

Edwards served a five-year apprenticeship at the world-renowned G&H Studios where he learned his craft from the ground up, fine-tuning his ability to portray form and movement. He has publicly sited commissions and has become popular with private collectors throughout Europe and America, in particular in his home county of Somerset and the West of England.

Articles and Reviews

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