Dorothy Brook

Dorothy Brook’s astute eye for human form and gesture and her fluent hand as a sculptor combine to create a harmonious balance between movement and stillness. Through her abstracted figures she explores bodily motion and poise resulting in stunning bronze casts, which flow with elegance and grace. Passionate about dance, theatre and music, Brook seeks to capture a split second movement – a twist, a turn, a leap, or a lean, or contain the pent-up potential energy of a figure about to release from their static position.

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Brook studied at St. Martins, London. Her educational and professional background as a Graphic Designer informs her sophisticated understanding of form, pattern and structure. Since departing from Graphic Design her reputation as a sculptor has grown steadily and flourished. She exhibits extensively across London and the UK and her work can be found in many private and corporate collections including Unilever, Compaq and Kings College.

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