Barry Davies RCA

A scientist by nature, British sculptor Barry Davies’s practice is underpinned by a passionate interest in anatomical studies and the complexity and individualism of the natural world. A fascination with proportion has led Davies to study Phidias’ Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, and he consistently references both in his work. Davies says he strives to convey ‘a boldness and dynamic physical presence’ in his sculptures, combined with ‘a sense of movement and elegance.

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Born and raised in mid Wales, Davies studied and trained to be a precision engineer, working in the field for a number of years before moving naturally into traditional cabinet making. Inspired by Thomas Chippendale, Davies found himself carving unique embellishments for the furniture, igniting a love for Renaissance sculpture and leading Davies to study the subject formally before setting up an artistic practice. His sculptures exhibit a precision of anatomy and proportion, revealing Davies’ rigorous training and patient discipline. A scholar of palaeontology and evolutionary anthropology, he continually references both interests with limitless inspiration.

Davies has exhibited widely in Bienniales in Barcelona, Verona and Florence as well as across the UK. He was invited to judge at the Visual Arts Open Chester Arts Fair.

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