Louise Davies RE

My work is concerned with the intuitive response I have to the landscape. I work from sketch books directly on to canvas or etching plate and aim to create an image that is overall balanced with the use of shape, line and colour. I also endeavour to create a movement or feeling in the work via my own visual language, and using particular mark or line that I have developed over the years of my artistic practice. [Louise Davies RE]

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Studying at Central Saint Martins, Davies began her painterly practice before further expanding her work into that of print-making. Both sides to her practice strongly communicate a deep understanding of the relationship between colour and line, while visually encompassing the vivacity of her artistic process.

Pools of colour overlay etched line, each tone bleeding into its textural paper base. Davies’ use of vivid hue converses elegantly with her printed line while achieving a delicate balance that enriches the enjoyment of both. ‘Autumn Meadows’ reveals a soft suggestion of flowers dancing in the breeze, while hilltops are positioned harmoniously atop one another, their tones interlocking.

Davies’ audience remain captivated by her skillful application of colour and line; the nature of print-making reinvented through her feminine palette and delicate mark.


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