Vanni Macchiagodena

Vanni Macchiagodena’s bold abstract environments engage with archaic themes. Myth, Legend, the passing of time and the enormity of the landscape all help to forge the power of his work. From uninhabitable ridges to ploughed fields Macchiagodena expresses a direct, physical engagement with the world around him and the forces of nature at play. His canvases bear heavy shades of black, brown, green and grey, contrasting with sharp, heavy layers of white and occassionally a flash or block of deep red.

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Macchiagodena’s most recent work focuses on the garden as an enclosed, cultivated, maintained and protected representation of nature. Here, he observes and interprets the character of the four seasons onto canvas, with soft hazes of warm earthy tones delicately intersected with paper-thin lines which appear as scratches on the paintngs’ surfaces. As the garden offers an area of refuge and stillness, Macchiagodena’s work creates space for contemplation; the fragility of nature and the interconnectivity of life and organic matter seem to reverberate within each piece. A number of Macchiagodena’s smaller works alter our view point of the landscape, as he observes and draws attention to the world of soil and tree roots beneath our feet. In doing so he challenges our visual perspectives, and simultaneously creates sublime environments of gentle character.


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