Marissa Weatherhead

Birds sit plump in extravagant pattern, boldly perched upon thin branches, and floating in a floral sea. Largely charming and innocent, there are certain pieces that sit aside from the others; ‘Alone’ possesses a darkness of spirit, Weatherhead’s palette somber and subdued. Variations such as these cleverly inform us of a possible hidden narrative. In contrast, ‘Together in a Dream’ is flooded with light, the scene angelic and heavenly in hues of softest pink.

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Weatherhead manages to skillfully fuse sensitive delicacy of form with boldness of outline to create works that are both gentle and striking. Each bird’s eye is a deep pool of jet-black, some beady and eagerly shining, their buoyant innocence complementing the Eden inspired environment.

Born in England but raised in Shri Lanka for the first 7 years of her life, Weatherhead was surrounded by the beauty and excitement of a vibrant, tropical country during these formative years. It is easy to see this influence in both her palette and her subject matter. Trained at the Royal College of Art in London, she has received highly respectable scholarships for her practice such as the John Minton and Boise. Her paintings can be seen across Europe and are held in many public and private collections including the Guildhall School, London.


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