Jeannette Hayes PPS

Jeannette Hayes’ atmospheric and energetic patchwork compositions are inspired by emotional responses to the landscape. A heightened sense of geological vigour and vitality is brought to life as Hayes immerses one in vibrant patches of colour, calming bases of earthy, olive tones and lively mark making.

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A lot of Hayes’ work is based on the countryside surrounding The Vale of the White Horse in Oxfordshire, near to where her studio is located. However some of her larger works, Red Garden for example, are of the French landscape, in which she tries to capture the warmth of the climate and the wholesomeness of the countryside. In this impressionistic view of the world Hayes also reveals a form of psychological mapping, combining the exterior physical world with an interior landscape of the subconscious and shows how the two are intrinsically linked; memory, perspective, sensation – all these ideas inform her work in enlivening balances of colour and structure.

Jeannette has received numerous prizes and awards for her work, gaining recognition from the Pastel Society and from the Chelsea Art Society, and has exhibited extensively across the UK and also in France. Hayes studied Fine Art and Painting at Kingston University and has served as Vice President and Publicity Secretary for The Pastel Society UK.


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