Andy Waite

Andy Waite paints landscapes that inspire one with almost religious awe. Working from both memory and imagination, his large, abstracted brushstrokes deftly capture unpredictable weather patterns as they swing from docile to wild and back again in a matter of moments. Skyscapes are dramatic, his clouds bruised and back-lit with shades of pink, purple and ochre, suggesting the fury of an imminent rainstorm or the heat of the sun about to break through.

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Waite’s paintings leave one feeling quietly uneasy; nothing ever stays the same. Change is a constant and omnipotent presence in both nature and within us. We are reminded that darkness can only exist in the presence of light, and good can only be understood in the context of evil.

Waite graduated from West Sussex College of Art and Design in 1977. He pursued a successful career as a graphic designer before taking up painting full time in 1990. Winner of the Arundel Gallery Trail’s Derek Davis Award in 2015, he exhibits across the south of England as well as the United States.

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