Alice Linford Forte

Alice Linford Forte’s gracefully atmospheric paintings capture a duality of carefully considered mark-making and unrestrained expressiveness. Rich, emotive currents of optimism swell with an air of traditional maritime Romanticism, undulating with elemental surges of energy. She uses a strong contrast of light and dark, adding drama and intensity to her compositions, alongside a vivid yet soothing palette.

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Inspired largely through her love of travel, Linford Forte uses abstraction as a vehicle for self-expression, exploring the subconscious wanderings of the mind and its powerfully creative potential. An emerging artist, and largely self-taught, she has allowed her own unique aesthetic to develop naturally, unhampered by the regulations of formal Fine Art education, allowing for a purely expressive voice to emerge.

The essence of journeying hints towards the excitement of the unknown and venturing into the void; the immersive nature of Linford Forte’s work provides contemplative space, focusing not on a final destination, but instead encourages mindfulness, openness and a free-flowing, intuitive response to new experiences.

Linford Forte was born in the UK, but was raised in Western Australia. She currently lives and works in Indonesia and Australia, where she exhibits regularly. She also exhibits in the UK, with much her work held in private collections.

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