Adrian Parnell

In choosing the humble wildflower as his focus, Adrian Parnell draws us away from the more popular and opulent rose, introducing us to a more whimsical and delicate study that reminds us of simpler things, such as walks in the countryside and summery picnics. One can almost taste the egg and cress sandwiches and homemade lemonade.

Parnell under-paints his canvases, often in warm hues. In this most recent body of work, he has favoured various shades of yellow from a rich golden to a more earthy ochre. The result is a painting that glows with confidence and optimism, reminiscent of early morning sunlight. Translucent and sensitive in the way he handles his paint, the resulting work has an innocence about it, which is quite refreshing.

Adrian Parnell studied at St Martin’s School of Art and The Slade during the 1970s and exhibits widely across the UK.

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