Kate Viner

Artist Kate Viner sculpts the human form, working predominantly in bronze and glass. Her work celebrates the power of human endurance and courage in the face of hardship. She also has a particular interest in the experience and expression of what it is to be female and motherhood.

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Viner’s artistic enquiry into contentious and difficult issues surrounding inequality, discrimination and submission, are a passionate and ongoing study for her. As part of her enquiry, she visited refugee camps in Paris during the European Migrant Crises. During these visits she was struck by the determination and strength of the people there to survive in the face of such devastating loss, whilst simultaneously experiencing the joy of being alive. Viner is an empathetic observer, giving voice to human expressions of vulnerability, compassion, fortitude and respect within conflict and struggle.

Being suspended from school at the age of 15 for sampling the sacristy wine propelled Viner into attending evening life drawing classes as a way to pass the time. It was to be a fortuitous event for Viner as the rigorous discipline learned in those three years has supported her practice ever since. She went on to study under John Gibbons at Winchester Art School, graduating with a BA (Fine Art) in 1991.

Viner won the Top Draw Design Award in 1996 and has completed four public commissions, which are sited in Sussex, Hampshire and Northern Ireland. She exhibits in London and across the UK as well as in Spain, France and Australia.

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