Tamsyn Trevorrow

Cornish artist Tamsyn Trevorrow draws an endless source of inspiration from her native coastline, building pots and sculptural forms from heavily grogged stoneware. She uses coiling and the slab process to cut, shape, re-shape and sculpt the clay into organic and geologically inspired forms and textures.

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Trevorrow’s work reflects the restless energy of the sea and its perpetual interaction and erosion of the land as it shapes, re-shapes and evolves. She is also interested in the development, growth and interconnectedness between rock pools, the spiral structure of the shell formation and the energy and pull of the tide and currents.

Colours and textures play a large role in Trevorrow’s work. They are created from a sophisticated melding of different slips and glazes, which are multi-fired at various stages. The result is a surface rich in texture referencing not only Trevorrow’s beloved Cornish coastline, but the many coastlines, shores, rock pools and coral reefs that she has explored across the world.

Trevorrow has recently returned to her practice after taking a period of time out to raise her children. Prior to this she travelled extensively throughout South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand after completing a ceramics degree at Falmouth College of Arts. Trevorrow’s sculptures and vessels are suitable to site both internally and externally.

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The Bath Magazine, Feb 2018

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