Ros Perton

Ros Perton’s ceramics are alive with textural intrigue; buttery, coarse clay hugging smooth white porcelain, the relationship one of contrasts both in scale and materiality. Pinched porcelain nestles in rhythmic stacks, each bowl cradling the next maternally. An invisible weight sits restlessly in their negative space, buckling each surface. There is something serene and measured in their imperfection; each tear or pucker evidential of process and movement.

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Ros has always been fascinated by what makes ordinary things into ‘treasures’, and by the human need to collect ‘things’.

‘Two Mirrored Pinched Bowls’ pucker gently away from one another, their mirrored positioning fluid and organic. In ‘Bronze and Green Stack’ we witness a peeling back of layers; a heightened vulnerability encroaching on the tiny bronze origin sitting at the core. Each protective circle is methodically unwrapped, edging you closer to the heart of the piece. In ‘Jars’, sleek porcelain surface wrestles under the suggestion of exterior force; their material a thin membrane buckled beneath the spatial environment.

Studying for her BA at the University of Reading, before taking her MA at the University for the creative Arts in Farnham, Perton has been widely exhibited. Her works have been shown internationally at the ISCAEE members exhibition in Tokyo in 2011, and widespread across the UK, with shows such as the Summer Exhibition at The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, and at Ceramic Art London at the Royal College of Art. Her thought provoking pieces continue to beguile observers, both for their physical beauty and their undeniable conceptual intrigue.

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