Peter Wills

Peter Wills has been working as a successful potter since 1989. His work has been widely exhibited in the UK and abroad including Japan, Europe and Dubai. With 18 solo exhibitions to date, commissions have included The Princess of Wales Hospital and HM Government for bowls to be presented to visiting European Heads of State. Influences include the Sung and T’ang Dynasties, and principle 20th century European potters including Bernard Leach, Lucie Rie and Derek Davis.

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Peter’s current work is almost exclusively one of a kind pieces, mainly bowls and vases, crafted from a blend of English and French Limoges porcelain. Most work is thrown on a potter’s wheel, raw glazed when bone dry and fired to 1280 °C. He constantly experiments with new glazes, reflected in the amazing effects and colours he achieves in this striking collection.

Peter is a member of The Craft Potters Association of Great Britain, The Makers Guild and South Wales Potters.

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