Neill Curran

Neill Curran is Irish born and uses his potter’s wheel as a starting point in the creation of what he refers to as his ‘three dimensional canvases’.

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He marries form with surface by focusing on the colour and application of his glazes, splashing the glaze onto the surface of the pot with considered movement. Building up layers in this way, he creates depth through colour and texture, manipulating the pattern to further accentuate the curve of the vessel.

Curran fires exclusively using the ancient 16th century Japanese firing technique known as raku, which brings out a variety of colours that are controlled by the atmospheric conditions at the time. Raku is a very unpredictable form of firing, which reflects Curran’s creative spontaneity as he wrestles with control over process and outcome with each pot.

Curran says ‘with each piece, I want to instil in the viewer a desire to hold the work, to investigate and explore its shape and surface quality.’.

Curran graduated from Coleg Sir Gâr in Carmarthenshire in 2013 and currently lives and works in Wales.

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