Mick Morgan

Tucked away in the gloriously secluded Welsh countryside, ceramicist Mick Morgan has relished the peace and tranquillity of his surroundings to hone the precision his craft. After completing a study of ceramics at the Cardiff College of Art in 1974 Morgan set up his studio in Talog, Carmarthen, from where he still works today. Throughout this time Morgan has developed an astute and sophisticated understanding of his materials and of clay firing processes. He skillfully merges form and function to create wonderfully tactile objects, some finished with beautifully soft Raku glazes.

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Morgan’s dedication to making is clear through a staggering range of pots, jugs, bowls and containers of intriguing design, as well as hand-drawn 2D wall hangings depicting scenes of domestic life, each piece is imbued with character, meaning and the occasional humorous subtlety. His large figurative vessels are elegant forms that range between four to five foot in height, each design resembling an abstract female torso with a slender elongated neck. Simple in colour with natural earthy textures and tones, their surfaces are almost like that of a well-rounded pebble and capture a sense of timeless simplicity.

Morgan points out that his designs are not directly inspired by nature, yet within his rural environment, and his utilisation of natural materials and traditional methods it can be sensed that lifestyle and craftsmanship are indeed entwined. Over the years he has built his own kilns ranging from 30 to 200 cubic feet, allowing him to experiment with a dynamic range of size and form.

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