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About Us

We love art and we are serious about its importance in our culture and society. We also love that it enriches our lives, our homes and our relationships – and that everyone can access and own it if they want to. We are here to help with both. Axle Arts sells genuine and original artwork across media from artists with something to say, whether that be comment socially or politically, a journey into expressionism or simply a hedonistic exploration of materials. We celebrate original art and the artists who make it, in all its rich diversity.

We also celebrate and support education. Our sister company, Axle Education, runs courses aimed at supporting creatives across the spectrum from managing their business practices to looking after mental wellbeing. If you’d like to know more about our courses, click here.

Our reputation for our professionalism and attention to detail as both fine art specialists and international shipping agents has a proven track record. Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of all our customers.

Client Testimonials

A warm and inviting welcome awaits. You feel like you are borrowing a human book on the artist, as to wander in is to want to know more.. and you can, as each (artist) is known by your host.

Bridget is the ideal art gallery curator and dealer. Charming, of course, with a passion for art of different media. (She) is not only highly experienced with relevant expertise but honest, trustworthy and ethically sound, in our personal interactions over the past five years.
[Prof Gilbertson]

Art to me is part of the journey of life; it’s losing yourself in a painting or sculpture. Bridget understands each of her clients and the importance of art as nourishment in a society that at times forgets.
[Dr Stevens]

I am delighted with the picture. Quite a bold move to purchase without viewing but it has worked. Many thanks indeed for your facilitation and support.